Sequestering CO2


Reframing waste as a natural resource, locking carbon in place for thousands of years

We're working to close the loop on organic waste. By capturing carbon before it's emitted from our waste streams and transforming it through our technology, we're able to create a valuable biochar that can be used to phase out and replace petroleum based materials in our products.

All of our partners using OurCarbon gain exclusive rights to the ‘Made with OurCarbon’ seal. Join us to maximize the potential of our organic resources by using OurCarbon in your products and growing the market for this incredible material.

How we do it:

1. Divert : We link up with farmers, municipalities and companies to redirect their organics away from landfill

2. Transform : Using an energy neutral heating technology, the organics are carbonized into OurCarbon biochar

3. Apply : OurCarbon is then put to use, often in place of fossil fuel based equivalents, to lock in a market niche that radically rethinks our material streams

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Why we do it:

In every ton of OurCarbon created by transforming diverted organics to biochar, we capture 10 tons of carbon emissions.

Managing 20% of our organic waste with this technology reduces the total USA CO2 emission by 5%!

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